LucioMeet Lucio Uturbia — anarchist, bank robber, forger, fugitive, and above all, bricklayer.

Released in 2007 and recently screened at the NZ Documentary Film Festival, Lucio is the riveting story of how an anarchist bricklayer with a skill for forgery brought down many powerful institutions without resorting to violence, and without ever aspiring to hold power.

A protagonist and witness to many of the historic events of the second half of the 20th century, Lucio worked with anarchist guerrilla Francisco Sabate to bring down Franco’s fascist regime, carried out numerous bank robberies to fund the struggle to free Spain, helped thousands of exiled people by forging false documents, and more. In 1977 he successfully forged US$ 20 million dollars of Citibank travellers cheques to fund worldwide struggles — bringing to its knees the most powerful bank on the planet without missing a single day of work in his construction job! His motivation was not his own gain, but for the freedom of working people everywhere.

Lucio, now 75, lives in Paris, still raising hell as an anarchist.

Comic testimony from Lucio and his cohorts intermingle with a mesmerizing procession of archival evidence and tasteful re-enactments, creating humour, tension and excitement without sacrificing gravitas. The film’s stunning cinematic style, graphic design and typography matches the rapid and almost unimaginable trajectory of Lucio’s tale, combining for both an entertaining and educational film.

Watch the original trailer here:

Food, drinks and childcare will be provided, so come on down and join your local anarchists as part of our monthly film nights at the WEA! Zines, books and more will be also be available on the night thanks to the lovely folks at Katipo Books.

Thursday 27 August, 6.30pm.
WEA (59 Gloucester Street), Otautahi/Christchurch.

Entry by Koha/donation.

Film length:
93 minutes.