Striking NDU Foodstuffs Distribution Centre workers protested outside Halswell New World and Northland Pak N Save supermarket last Thursday. These stores were targeted because they are owned by Foodstuffs board members.

At Halswell, the New World store manager had workers removed from the carpark for distributing information flyers and getting a petition signed by supportive customers. Many members of the public gave encouragement to the workers, who were bouyed by the publics support.

At Northlands Pak N Save workers carried out the protest and leafleting without hinderence of store management — the security backing down and walking away after discussions with striking workers leafleting, in an obvious sign of solidarity. Once again the workers were bouyed by the public’s support and spirits were high, with plenty of smiles at the many passing motorists ‘honking for support’.

Workers were also appreciative of the solidarity and support by the Beyond Resistance presence at the protest.

The workers vowed to continue their campaign against Foodstuffs for improvements to their wages and conditions.