From the 31st October, Kiwibank and Bill Pay facilities at the Linwood Post Shop on Stanmore Road will close. Letter and parcel sending services will remain along with the private letter box facility. The nearest Kiwibank and Bill Pay facility will be at Eastgate, the Palms, Central City or Ferry Road, Woolston.

According to NZ Post, these changes are part of their ongoing review of their services and the need to take into account the long-term challenges they face as a result of “market trends.” NZ Post are claiming that fewer customers are using the Bill Pay facility as increasingly more people take advantage of internet banking.

However, at a public meeting of community members held on Saturday 5 September, it was indicated that less than half those present owned a personal computer, and amongst those, even fewer had access to internet at home. It should be noted, that Linwood has a large proportion of elderly people, who aren’t necessarily computer-savvy.

According to NZ Post’s “Corporate Responsibility Statement of Commitment”:

  • “We will deliver to our customers what we have promised, we will listen to them and involve them in our solutions and innovations”;
  • “We will consider the impacts of our business on the communities in which we operate, and we will engage with our community stakeholders. We will find opportunities to use our capabilities to add value to communities where they need it”;

Further to this, NZ Post also aims to be “…an organisation that exibits a sense of social responsibility by having regard to the interests of the community in which it operates and by endeavouring to accommodate or encourage these when it is able to do so.”

Considering the fact that the people of Linwood will have to travel further afield to Eastgate (which requires two bus trips, or a taxi at the cost of $30), and that there are a lot of elderly residents, disabled residents, beneficiaries and low-paid workers living in Linwood, NZ Post have failed their own statement of commitment by imposing undue hardship on Linwood residents.

A day of action has been organised on Saturday 19th September, 11am at Eastgate Post Shop (Christchurch) to protest these service closures. Planned actions include choking the Post Shop with Linwood residents, and leafleting / engaging the public in discussion about the issues here. Anyone who needs a ride from the Stanmore Rd area is encouraged to be at the Linwood Community Arts Center at 10.30am.

There will be an public organising meeting this Thursday, 10 September at 1pm at the Linwood Community Arts Center to discuss these issues. All welcome.