Don’t Let The Sun Set On Night Classes
National day of action, Saturday 12 September

The government wants to call it a day on a 100-year tradition by cutting funding to night classes. This is a real attack on community and working class education — while cuts will take place on adult education, private education has been given increased funding!

From the Christchurch Star: “Many people will simply not be able to afford adult classes, so The Star believes the cuts are a brutally bad decision – particularly when the Government has just injected $35million into private schools…”

National has been making large cuts to a number of vital resources, including Sustainable Learning programs and Early Childhood Education (to name just a few among many). Naturally, when a vast majority of people have no control whatsoever over the decisions that most deeply and directly affect their lives, the few — who own or control the means of production, accumulate wealth, make the laws — will use the whole machinery of the State to perpetuate and reinforce their positions as it deems fit.

From Scoop: “It was a neat cover-up on budget night. The government painted education as a winner because overall education funding increased by 2.9 percent from $10.5 billion to $10.8 billion. Not bad in the teeth of a developing recession. However most of the extra spending was for capital development for new schools and what was hidden from view was a wide range of savage cuts in all areas of public education.

The funding cuts for ACE are particularly harsh and it is here that the greatest community impact will be felt. Funding for these programmes in the tertiary sector has been almost halved while the subsidies high school night classes have been slashed by four fifths.”

These acts need to be challenged and overturned. Beyond Resistance will be joining the rally this Saturday, and encourage you to show your support for retaining this important avenue of life-long learning in our communities.

Join the rally on: Saturday 12 September 2009, 12 noon

The Speakers Corner, Cathedral Square, Christchurch

See you then!