The funding cuts pushed through by the Government is a grave attack on community and working class access to education, and must be fought.


There is a petition you can sign to voice your criticism, and we encourage you to sign it — but there are other, more effective ways of overturning this attack on education. All the signatures in the world will have little effect if government felt no other pressure than just names on paper. Why? Because government is a system of rule which puts power into the hands of an elite few, while the rest of us have no real say on the things that effect our everyday lives. While this system exists, cuts will exist.


Yet there is a force more powerful than any petition, any government decree, any law or any army — that force is our collective strength as those who actually make the world tick. Without our brain and muscle not a single wheel would turn! If teachers decided not to teach anything for a week, if students collectively took a ‘sick’ week, if we as workers simply said NO and refused to comply until this act was overturned, we would really hit them where it hurts, by becoming ungovernable. By organising and taking direct action together, we can stop this attack on adult education.


But why stop there? As anarchists, we believe we must fight against any attacks that effect our ability to think, learn and grow — but we don’t accept the limits of their system and want much more than just funding for adult education. We want to see a world where education is free for all; where education is not used to teach us respect for their unjust system, to import a slave mentality, and to be passive while Capitalism and the State destroys the earth, our working and living conditions, and our very lives. We want real human progress, real education, real learning!


This is not a far off dream. In Spain up to and during the Spanish Revolution of 1936, free adult education, free universities and free learning was practiced by men, women and children of the anarchist workers union, the CNT. In America and around the world, anarchists have set up Free Schools — education controlled by, and designed for, the community, in order to help people break free from the oppressive system of capitalism and the state — to build a new world in the shell of the old.