New Picture (1)BBQ: Thursday 8th October. Stanmore Post Shop.

From October 31st, Kiwibank and Bill Pay facilities at the Linwood Post Shop on Stanmore Road will close. The many elderly, disabled and low-income people will have to travel to do everyday tasks such as paying bills.

NZ Post claim that this closure is the result of their responding to “market trends”, ie more people using Internet banking to pay their bills. However, at a recent community gathering to discuss this issue, approximately half those present didn’t have a computer at home, and of those that did, only half again had access to the internet at home.

This shows us that the board of NZ Post doesn’t care about the people who are affected by their decisions. They are motivated by profit, rather than the community’s needs. While they are in their privileged position not to be affected, the majority of Stanmore Rd and Redwood residents will suffer increased hardship to go about their everyday business.

This decision also hints at a greater strategy pursued by the state: moving essential services closer to major malls, thereby centralising services and destroying local communities. First WINZ, and now NZ Post have been relocated either in or near Eastgate from the Stanmore Rd area. This means that instead of walking down the road to do our business, we are now forced to go further away, and also through private property (the mall) where our rights are greatly restricted.

NZ Post’s actions reinforces the powerlessness we feel, as we have no real ability to be involved in making the decisions that affect us most, in our daily lives. The few (ie the ruling class), with their power and privilege, own the wealth and make the decisions and aren’t effected by them. As a result, the masses (the working class) suffer hardship all in the name of “cost-cutting”. Here’s an idea: why not organise society so that decisions are based on society’s need, rather than profits for the few? If this were to be the case, then the best people to organise society would be the people themselves, as we are the ones who are directly affected by any decisions we make. And as a community we wouldn’t cut essential services that we ourselves use, to save a few measly bucks! The current based on social and and economic inequalities is the problem. If we were to reorganise society in a non-hierarchical manner (“from the bottom up”), then we would live in a world free of domination, and we wouldn’t have to be here today to defend our community interests.

Until society is reorganised from the bottom up, forms of resistance like this protest action will be necessary to highlight community injustice thrust upon the masses by the few in power. Until we rise as one, we shall remain the oppressed, the dominated, the exploited. And they shall profit from it.