acc_cover_going_goneWe are asking for your support and solidarity for a national day of action that has been called for October 19th to stop ACC cuts to funding for sexual abuse counselling.

There is a meeting in Christchurch to organise action against the funding cut:

Monday, October 12, 6:30pm at the WEA (Workers’ Education Association). 59 Gloucester Street (opposite COCA Gallery). All welcome!

ACC is changing the criteria for funding counseling for survivors of sexual abuse, making it available only to those who can prove that they have undergone, or suffered from, ‘mental injury’ as a result. Once again, we see that victim-blaming and New Zealand’s rape culture is perpetuated by the very institutions which are meant to aid those effected by sexual abuse. Once again, profit is placed before the needs of people — funding cuts are the direct cause of this change.

“The rules, due to be implemented from October 27, state the Accident Compensation Corporation will pay for counselling only if victims of sexual abuse are diagnosed with a mental injury under the US Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Version 4 (DSM-IV).”

“Dr Kim McGregor, who chairs the tauiwi (Pakeha) section of the National Network Ending Sexual Violence Together, said counsellors were angry that the new version still required diagnosing abuse survivors with a mental disorder from the American Diagnostic and Statistical Manual DSM-IV.

‘Some counsellors are ethically opposed to using a psychiatric diagnosis for sexual violence,’ she said.”

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