Today marks International Women’s Day, a day celebrating the social, economic and political achievement of women all over the world. It’s also a good day to take stock of the oppression that still abounds — the double bind of capitalism and patriarchy is an unfortunate and undeniable reality for the majority of women today. Whether that oppression takes the form of a sexist boss, partner or anarchist comrade should not deflect the fact that we all have a lot of work to do before gender and sexual relations are equal and indiscriminate, both in our own lives and the wider community of which we are a part.

Over the next few months three exciting and worthwhile events are hoping to challenge this oppression. Over the weekend April 2-5 the Aotearoa Anarcha-Feminist Hui will take place in Wellington, focussing on decolonisation, racism, white supremacy, white privilege and imperialist forms of organising. Some great workshops are on offer, and should promise to be another amazing Aotearoa a-fem hui. Check out for more information.

2010 also marks the 30th anniversary of the Working Women’s Charter, adopted by the NZ Federation of Labour. A seminar is being organised by the Labour History Project in Wellington — Working Women: Learning from the Past Looking to the Future — which takes place on May Day. Discussion will focus on how well the Charter’s objectives have been achieved. It will also consider the relevance of the Charter today for different groups of women. For more information check out

Another Anarcha-Feminist conference of interest is taking place this year in Spain to mark the 100th anniversary of the CNT, called by various female members of the CNT to visualize the vital role that women play in the anarchist movement — to reflect on the connection between anarchism and feminism, to challenge traditional gender roles, female and male, on which patriarchy are based. From

“The Conference on Women and Anarchism will be an opportunity to get closer to the realities of female militancy. We intend to analyze, discuss and highlight the participation and organization of women who identify with libertarian principles without giving up their gender identity.

We want to see the problems that affect us as women in the various areas where we operate: labour, educational, organizational, health, emotional, etc., and the problems arising from a patriarchal and capitalist society such as ours that affects us and our comrades, male and female alike.

To this end, we will try to deal with the subject on two levels: one level is our own situation as female workers and union activists in a class-struggle, revolutionary and libertarian union, covering the historical perspective and the needs that we see today. The second level is feminist women’s participation in the various organizations that seek to contribute to social change. We are interested in highlighting these daily struggles, the projects that result from them, the difficulties that exist and the contradictions that we encounter. We also wish to work on these aspects by collecting multiple experiences from the past and others that are in progress today all over the world.”

Beyond Resistance would like to extend our support and solidarity to the events above, and wish those taking part all the best. Let the discussions be fruitful and lead to the best kind of theory: action.

In solidarity,

Beyond Resistance