Anarchism in Ireland

7pm, Tuesday 6th April
WEA, 59 Gloucester St

An anarchist from the Belfast branch of Workers Solidarity Movement, Ireland, will be speaking on the history of anarchism in Ireland, the growth of the Workers Solidarity Movement and how the WSM works in Ireland in 2010.

In the years since their formation, the Irish WSM been involved in a wide range of struggles – WSM members are involved in their trade unions; they have fought for abortion rights, and against the growth of racism in southern Ireland; They have also been involved in campaigns in support of workers from countries as far apart as Nepal, Peru and South Africa.

Organised by the Christchurch branch of the Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement

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Christchurch Anarchist-Communist Discussion Group

 Wednesday 7th April, 7pm

Workers Educational Association, 59 Gloucester St

This month’s topic at the Anarchist-Communist Discussion Group is current attacks on the working class in New Zealand. Before the discussion, you should read the short article on the topic (.pdf format, 206kb). We will have copies available on the night, but reading beforehand and thinking about ideas it brings up will enable better discussion.

From the discussion article:

“As we endure a period of recession in New Zealand, as always capital and the state try to force the brunt of the cost onto the working class – those of us who are least able to cope. Around the country in our workplaces, thousands are being made redundant, forced to take pay cuts and/or cuts in wages and conditions. When we lose our jobs or are unable to work for health or family reasons, crackdowns on beneficiaries make it even harder to survive on what are already meagre benefits. In our communities, funding cuts mean closures to vital services.

It is only through collective resistance that we can fight effectively against these attacks, and push for not merely maintaining the current inadequacies but potentially for something better.”

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The group meets on the first Wednesday of every month and aims to provide a space for the open discussion of anarchist-communist ideas and practice. Each month there will be a short article to read or a short video to watch, that we can then discuss together.

It’s free, and tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.

The group is a joint effort of the Christchurch branch of the Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement and Beyond Resistance.