“For nearly 50,000 Kiwis to turn out and be prepared to speak with one voice, must tell the Government something. And that something is this: we, the people of NZ get it; we get the argument, we see what you’re up to and we won’t have it. Our land will always be more important to our identity than some extra dollars in the pockets of mining companies.”

Up to 50,000 people marched up Queen St united in their opposition against the National-led Government’s plans to mine conservation land and national parks. This is a great turnout and the largest in a long time. Hopefully from this protest people will continue and organise into an effective movement — not just to challenge this latest act of the National government, but to challenge a system that allows a few to make these kind of decisions in the first place. And to do this, we need more than protests. We need a radical vision, ongoing solidarity and direct, collective action where it hurts most: at the point of production, hand in hand with the wider community.

Good turnout and hopefully the start of things to come.