Oil continues to spew into the ocean off the coast of the US, threatening more and more ecological damage. Massive amounts of destruction has already been caused, including the deaths of 14 workers in the initial explosion — yet BP and the US government seem at a loss on what exactly to do now. An apology would be a start, which is what BP tycoon Tony Hayward attempted to do today.

Tony Hayward told reporters in Venice, Louisiana that he was sorry for the spill and the “massive disruption” it has caused the Gulf Coast. “There’s no one who wants this over more than I do. I would like my life back.” 

Hang on… Hayward wants his life back? What about the lives of those workers killed? Can they get their lives back? Can their families? 

Never mind the rape of the earth for profit, never mind the deaths of 14 workers, or the certain death of the coastal and underwater wildlife. Hayward is sorry that his life has been disrupted by this unfortunate loss of revenue. Poor Hayward. 

This half-assed apology is typical of the approach multi-national corporations and their CEO’s have taken to what is now being called the largest environmental disaster in recent times, if not in the history of the US. Even the project to stop the leaking oil was used as an opportunity for monetary gain — while bids for the project to halt the oil were being considered, the oil continued to surge.

If this incident isn’t an inditement of capitalism, then what is? Disasters such as this can, and will, continue as long as the few who profit from such ventures continue their greedy march towards our ruin. It’s time for us to pull the plug on Capitalism and send it sinking to the depths of history where it belongs.