FROM REBEL PRESS: It has taken us a long time, but it is finally done. Issue 10 of imminent rebellion is available now from Rebel Press. Some of the features in this issue:

Pakeha Rebels offers a class-analysis of the early years of New Zealand colonial settlement

Palestine in Pieces is a first hand account of an anti-Zionist Jew in Israel and the West Bank during the start of the war in Gaza

Free Spaces for Free people explores the vibrant life inside the Purple Thistle Youth Arts and Activism Centre in East Vancouver

A thousand subterfuges illuminates the insidious operation of State in constructing criminal cases around ‘conspiracy’ charges

And much more!

Copies can be purchased through our website for $4 + $1 postage (within NZ), or directly from us at the office (if you are Wellington-based). You can download the entire PDF of imminent rebellion 10 from the Rebel Press website:

We are currently working on several projects. Due for publication later this year is a collection of oral histories entitled, The day the raids came: stories of survival and resistance to the State Terror Raids of October 15th 2007. In late June, we will be publishing a small volume entitled Surviving Surveillance: leave your teddy bear behind! which includes some historical reminders of state violence in New Zealand along with good practical advice for activists. We are currently assembling a collection of some of the best but largely unknown anarchist text of the last 15 years to be published as Anarchism: Selected Writing.