2010 marks the 100th anniversary of the National Confederation of Labour (CNT), a militant anarchist union in Spain with a history of successful struggle.

Spain underwent a profound social revolution in 1936, putting anarchist ideas into action and illustrating that society could indeed function along anarchist lines. More than 60% of the land was collectively cultivated by the peasants themselves, without landlords, without bosses, and without instituting capitalist competition to spur production. In almost all the industries, factories, mills, workshops, transportation services, public services, and utilities, the rank and file workers of the CNT reorganized and administered production, distribution, and public services without capitalists, managers, or the authority of the state. Women played a major part in the CNT and the revolution, fighting on the barricades and in the anarchist columns, forming free schools, universities, and initiating hugely effective health programs.

This experience, in which about eight million people directly or indirectly participated, opened a new way of life to those who sought an alternative to capitalism on the one hand, and bogus state socialism on the other. 

After the Revolution was suppressed by the Fascist dictatorship of Franco in 1939, the CNT continued the struggle underground or in exile. With the death of Franco in 1975 came a revival of the CNT, which continues to this day.

Join us for an open discussion on the CNT, the Spanish Revolution, and anarchism in action. 

Feel free to download our discussion paper here. We will have copies available on the night, but reading beforehand and thinking about ideas it brings up will enable better discussion.

WEDNESDAY JULY 7 at the WEA (Workers’ Education Association)
 59 Gloucester Street (opposite the art gallery)
7pm start — free entry

The anarchist communist discussion nights take place on the first Wednesday of every month, and is organised by Beyond Resistance. All welcome!