Following on from the release of our document: Beyond Representation — tactics for building a culture of resistance in Aotearoa (see below), Beyond Resistance invites you to a two day Regional Hui to establish such a network.

The date for this Hui will be Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th September in Otautahi/ Christchurch.

Loosely the idea would be to establish a single network with those who agree with the principals of direct action, solidarity, self-management/promotion of self-activity, workplace and community assemblies, co-operation and mutual aid. This network could act as a resource base and for agitation, enabling better communication, solidarity and organisation in struggle, whether in the workplace or the community.

If it became successful it may evolve into one broader national network with local/regional branches within it.

There are solidarity networks that have been established internationally, that we have drawn inspiration from e.g. Seattle Solidarity Network (

Solidarity Federation in the UK has also inspired and influenced our thinking and is another example of some of the ideas we envision (

What we propose is for the Hui to run over two days. Day one could be dedicated to ideas about a network, with examples, plus education i.e. films, workshops and discussion on the ideas/tactics of solidarity networks. Day two could be dedicated to discussion and brainstorming, working to establish a local and/or regional/national network, ending with its formation.

If you would like to register, submit ideas, be involved with organising, assist with workshops and/or participate in this Hui please get in touch with us at otautahianarchists (at)

We have also set up an email list for those interested in participating in discussion about the network as well as “Beyond Resistances strategies” and activities more generally. If you would like to subscribe please send an email to the link below and follow the prompts.

If you are thinking of attending from out of town please let us know, as we can help with organising accommodation, travel equalisation and childcare if you are thinking of bringing children.

Beyond Resistance is committed to creating safer and child friendly spaces so please feel welcome to bring the kids.

In solidarity,
Beyond Resistance.