FROM ANGE, MEMBER OF ACTION EAST: Action for Christchurch East is a group founded by concerned and frustrated Christchurch residents and volunteers keen to assist with the effects of the September 2010 earthquake.

Due to the unknown status of some neighbourhoods and lack of answers and necessary support for homeowners and residents in the eastern suburbs.

Although we recognise that resources are stretched and everything seems to be full steam ahead with the assessment of grounds and buildings as per the local councils ability, there are many who do not qualify for help from local government agencies or earthquake fund due to massive waiting lists for structural assessments and overloading of current systems.

There are many areas still without sewerage or drainage, some also no water or power.

Local council and government are asking residents to wait until structural engineers can visit and clear their houses or rentals as being fit for families to reside in. With suspected waiting times for return of services being given as long as 6-12 months from the date or initial quake.

Many home owners have huge lists of concerns and unanswered questions relating to insurance/proposed demolition/health and safety etc.

This group has been set up for 3 reasons.

1) To increase speedy networking between residents/residents associations, and local community organisations with excess resources available,

2) To help raise publicity to the fact that most of us still waiting to be assessed DO NOT qualify for financial assistance from either the mayoral fund, red cross, winz, or the massively publicised “earthquake fund”.. to qualify you need to have either been assessed already or your house have been deemed unfit for residence. (some houses in badly damaged areas have been cleared even though they have damage and no services )

(thus we will be organising fundraising events for our non-profit group to help those most affected and desperate for assistance).

3) give an avenue for those less affected to volunteer help and/or resources and to channel this help effectively and quickly.

Rally this Wednesday

We are holding a rally this wednesday in Acland Avenue, Avonside at 10am. The media and local councillors have been invited and have confirmed they will attend. There will be a meeting afterwards to discuss the future of our lovely area.

Please come and stand with us and show your support as we ask to be recognised as living in unfit, unsafe and unhealthy conditions and ask that the council do something pro-active for us.

We will not be able to live here while repairs are carried out and can not afford to pay mortgages and rent somewhere else in the meantime!!

All those from other areas are invited to come and represent their areas also. It is time everyone knew.


Angela Wasley
Avonside resident.”