A day-long get together is taking place on September 25th to form a collective action network in Christchurch, and we invite you to take part.

As those of us in Christchurch get back to a sense of normality after the 7.1 earthquake, we find ourselves in a far from normal situation.

Whole communities have been left homeless and unheard, companies have forced staff to work or sent them home without pay, and the Government (with support of all the parties in the house) has quietly slipped Aotearoa into a Dictatorship via the Canterbury Earthquake Act.

Over the last two weeks a loose grouping of concerned people picket a number of companies who had been selling their staff short after the recent earthquake. Through solidarity and direct action we were able to force 3 of the 4 targeted business to pay up or submit to their staff’s demands. This example of collective action is just a small taste of what a network could do together — from workplace issues to community problems, and more. To form a network that enables us to call on each other in times of need, to stand strong in the face of hardship, and to win — that is the aim of the hui this weekend.

The hui will be starting at 9.30am sharp this Saturday (25th), with the morning focusing on brainstorming and the afternoon dedicated to founding a network.

WHERE: WEA (Workers Educational Association). 59 Gloucester St, Christchurch.

Below is a draft agenda for the day (please be sure to read our safer spaces policy).


Welcome // Housekeeping, safer spaces // Introductions



General discussion // Brainstorm // Could include the following questions/sessions/workshops:

What is a Network? What do we mean by network? Examples and inspiration?

Why do we need such a Network? Do they exist already? Benefits?

How would a Solidarity Network work? What would a network do and how? Structures and aims?

Who can join the Network? Membership: relatively open? Loose or tight criteria?

 Where does the Network operate? Christchurch or regional? Nationally linked to other networks?

What would a Network look like physically? Phone tree? Email list? Website? Regular meetings? Office space?


LUNCH (provided)


VIDEO: Networks in action — the Seattle Solidarity Network (SeaSol)


Formation of a network // May include specific caucuses (women’s, Queer etc) and workshops as needed // Structure, aims & principles, goals, name // Plan a follow up meeting // delegate tasks, roles


End of formal discussions


Social event? Drinks?

Any questions? Please get in touch!

See you Saturday,