This month’s Anarchist Discussion Night features a screening of Naomi Klein’s ‘The Rise of Disaster Capitalism’. With the recent passing of the draconian and anti-democratic Canterbury Earthquake Response and Recovery Act, we in New Zealand are witnessing the ‘Shock Doctrine’ of Disaster Capitalism in it’s most naked form.

This documentary film features Klein explaining the ideas and research behind her bestselling book, The Shock Doctrine. In this riveting lecture and interview, Klein challenges and exposes the popular myth of the free market economy’s peaceful global victory. Around the world there are people with power who are cashing in on chaos, exploiting bloodshed and catastrophe to brutally implement their policies. They are the shock doctors. From Chile in 1973 to Iraq today, this is the chilling tale of how a few are making a killing while more are getting killed.

Join your local anarchists in a film and open discussion about Disaster Capitalism, the recent Earthquake, and the quite slide into dictatorship….

WHEN: Wednesday 6th October, 7PM

WHERE: Workers Educational Association (59 Gloucester Street, opposite the City Art Gallery)

Free entry, with tea and drinks provided. Part of the monthly Anarchist Discussion Nights organised by Beyond Resistance.