State of the Union

This months Anarchist Film/Discussion Evening will be a discussion on the
‘state of the Unions’, the current political/industrial climate and what
possible organising tools could be used to fight back against attacks on
the working class.

Recently we have seen the Government change labour laws at the behest of
Capitalists Peter Jackson, Richard Taylor and Warner Bros of the film
industry, with the media demonising workers attempts to organise in
unions. Further to this “…a wave of anti-worker hysteria is hitting the
country (with striking teachers, medical lab workers, radiographers
copping it in the media, and 50 med lab workers have just been suspended
without pay in Canterbury for striking…”

The response from the CTU to the Governments plans to make anti-worker
changes to the Employment Relations Act and Holidays Act has been woeful.
Labour Party affiliated Union, the Service and Food Workers Union has
recently passed a remit, “That the Service and Food Workers Union commits
to conducting an active campaign in order to elect a Labour-led
Centre-left Government.” If not already this will become the mantra of the

So with all this in mind we will discuss such questions as:

What is the state of Unions in New Zealand?

What part do the media play in demonising any attempts by workers to
organise in our own interests?

What organising tools do we have to fight with?

Why are Unions collaborating with the Labour Party and what does this mean
for workers ability to self-organise?

Why the affiliation with Labour?

These are just some provocations to bring forth discussion, we are sure
there will be many more.

Come along and discuss, share ideas and debate with a view to a fight back
of the working class.

When: Wednesday 3rd November

Where: WEA, 59 Gloucester, 7pm.

This is a child friendly event and supper will be provided.