Over the weekend of November 13/14th, members of Beyond Resistance and their friends and whanau celebrated the group’s first year anniversary. Held in the beautiful Okuti Valley, sunny skies, the sound of the nearby creek, discussion under a large Walnut tree, and a number of kids crawling beneath our feet all added to the atmosphere.

It was an important weekend for the collective — not just to celebrate and evaluate the past year, but because a number of important changes were decided upon. Due to a number of people keen to be involved from outside of Christchurch, we’ve decided to broaden our scope and membership. Beyond Resistance is now a collective of anarchists spread across New Zealand. Christchurch is still the only Local and will act as the national point of contact (for now), but there are now a number of members in Dunedin and Whanganui.


This is a big step for us, but we are excited and inspired by the new members of Beyond Resistance, and the new form the collective will take. We’ve always been open to change, and we believe this recent change is a good one. Other changes include modifications to How We Work in order to accommodate our new scope, and a revision of our Aims and Principles.


If you agree with our Aims and Principles and would like to join then please contact us. Depending on where you live you can either join or help form a Local, or, if there are no other members nearby, join as an individual member. We wholeheartedly encourage the formation of anarchist collectives across Aotearoa, whether part of Beyond Resistance or not — and we are happy to skill share or lend resources to those keen to get organised in their own areas.


If you want to support Beyond Resistance without joining, then you can become a friend of Beyond Resistance and be informed of upcoming events, news and more. 


As we look to the struggle ahead, we take heart in the connections and goodwill of our fellow comrades, both in New Zealand and abroad. A better world is possible — and towards that world we continue.


Love and Rage

Beyond Resistance