Two months ago Beyond Resistance screened ‘The Shock Doctrine’ and compared the Government’s Earthquake Response and Recovery Act to similar bills passed overseas in times of natural disaster. Yesterday National did it again. Just when the nation was preoccupied with the Pike River Mine explosion, the government has passed the controversial 90 Day Fire at Will Bill.

All workplaces in New Zealand are now covered by the Fire at Will Bill. All workers are now completely subject to their employers wishes (if they weren’t already). Medical certificates will be required for one day off, the fourth week can be cashed in and used against workers as a bargaining tool, and workers in any employment can be fired within the first 90 days without being able to do a thing about it.

It’s already been used against workers in small workplaces — it’s now ready to be used at maximum profit to employers regardless of size. An insecure and timid workforce equals worse conditions and more money in the hands of the bosses. A rotating workforce equals low wage rates and more money in the hands of the bosses. Anyway one looks at it, this bill eradicates workers rights and puts more money in the hands of the bosses.

The shock doctrine is well and truly here to stay.