Beyond Resistance have set up a community centre outside two of the members homes in Linwood – food is being prepared and distributed, water sourced and handed out, information passed out and support given in one thousand different ways. Other members have been helping out in their own communities or friends in need: shoveling mud and clearing houses.

Visited today to drop off supplies and see what’s what. Also dropped off supplies to a union member in need of assistance closer to New Brighton.

This isn’t going to be fixed in days or even weeks, we’re in for the long haul and it’s great to see a system like this ready to go…

Travelling across the city is possible but not reccomended. Traffic lights are out, roads are full of holes and torn to peices in places, mud is not making things easier and is more suited to 4*4 trucks. It took over 2 hours to drive a usual 25minute run.

Reports in the media are failing to highlight the issue of the Eastern Suburbs. Just like before in Sept they’re the last to receive assistance of any kind. Thankfully the communities are strong enough in themselves to band together…

I’ll spend more time on the links above tomorrow when my heads less fuzzy.

Matt.J @ Unite Christchurch / Beyond Resistance