Just a quick update.

The Super Market mentioned was New World in Richmond, further up Stanmore
Rd. I actually witnessed the same type of incident a week earlier, before
the quake at the Stanmore Super Value over a box of tea bags and cask of

The New World is still open. The Super Value is not, but it’s guarded and
full of food. I bought bread and newspaper there seconds before the quake

Also the Starvation Army were more receptive today and we were able to
fill our station wagon full of bottled water which went straigtht to
people in Avonside.

The kitchen has been feeding members of our own hood, plus others, daily
and preparing food to distribute. Doing two water drops a day.

Things that are in most need are water (obviously}, gas cookers/gas, food,
porta loos are in great demand (some peeps in Avonside can’t dig long
drops as the water table is only a spade or two depths under the surface.
These items are mostly impossible to get locally so having to rely on
peeps bring them in. Which is sporadic.

Roads are real congested, so having to work our way out. Roads are either
fully congested or impassable. Have a dude from Kaiapo in a 4×4 bringing
about 250L in everyday. He and I are doing regular drops in certain areas,
building relationships as we go.

Members of the community are working daily preparing food, digging
toilets for people unable to, plus many other things.

We are sourcing food from gardens and anywhere we can get it. Heaps of
meat being eaten at the community kitchen as at times, with freezers out of
action, it has to be eaten or it goes off.

Sorry would write more but need to get some sleep.