Beyond Resistance would like to extend the hope that you are all safe and well and
coping with the circumstances you find yourself in at present. We offer solidarity and
our support and if we can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to email us.

If you have suffered a loss, be it of a loved one, relation, friend or colleague please accept
the heart felt sympathy of all of us in Beyond Resistance.
Likewise if your home, workplace or place of study has suffered loss or damage know that our thoughts are with you.

Urgent Meeting: Assisting the Eastern Communities

The Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch are home to some of the poorest communities of the Garden City. They are often the first to feel the brunt from attacks on workers’ rights and selfish whims of the employing class. As a result of the recent events, the people of the East have for a second time glimpsed through the smoke and mirrors and seen the ineptitude of the state.

In September, when the people needed protection and help from the authorities, they came second place to private property and business interests. In recent days we have all witnessed once again where the priorities lay. The community has been left to fend for themselves and have witnessed first-hand the inability of the state and politicians to act when it is needed most.

Innumerable deeds of mutual aid have taken place among neighbours, spontaneous soup kitchens and distribution centres have sprung up throughout the city, whilst surrounding towns amassed aid and support for the most vulnerable. As the initial hours turned into days, and days into weeks, thousands of people have come to realise: when things turn bad, we are left to fend for ourselves.

Where to from here?

This is an invitation to those that want to help forge those links. Communities have grown through the crises, neighbourhoods have taken control of their situations, neighbours have become friends and the momentum continues. There is a palpable sense of anger and betrayal felt by many and it’s up to us community activists and organisers to help assist these loosely connected groups become a force to ensure that nothing like what we have all witnessed is allowed to happen again.

This meeting aims:

To elect delegates who shall outreach to as many as possible of the groups and neighbourhoods that have taken the initiative. We want to invite these identified groups to a public meeting in the East in the very near future to encourage links with the aim of self-organised communities that are prepared for any further tragedy or crises and to oppose any draconian legislation that may be passed as a direct result of the Earthquakes. This will be a space for free discussion and debate; it will not be a place for politicians or councillors to regurgitate their bile at the expense of other peoples’ experiences and ideas.

The initial meeting’s details:

Where: Addington Coffee Co-op, Lincoln Road.
When: Friday 11th March, 7pm – 9pm