Today was a good day to be in Christchurch, at least if you attended the
Rally for Christchurch Community Assembly.

Between 80-100 attended and went away inspired, energise and motivated to
organise in their Communities, building on the solidarity and links made
in the weeks following the quake.

What was special about the day was the absence of politicians and officials
speaking at people, but really not saying anything at all. What was present was
ordinary people verbalising their experiences and concerns, sharing their
thoughts and issues freely,  in an open forum.

Serious concerns that were brought up and discussed included issues around
sewerage, housing, heating, public transport, health and majorly the
authoritarian nature of the Government and CERA.

Those present will be going back to their respective communities to hold
assemblies, talk, organise and plan for the struggle ahead.

The next mass community assembly will come back together on Sunday 17th
April, same time, same place, weather permitting, with a wet whether venue
organised if needed.

What is most certainly building is a movement rooted in the struggles of
those most affected by the quake in the predominately working class
suburbs of the east.

Expect the frustration and anger to boil over. Protests, pickets,
occupations and civil disobedience undoubtedly lay ahead.

Solidarity will be needed across the Country and we must link this to the
wider issues of austerity measures, cuts backs in the public sector and
the most recent attacks on workers through changes to the ERA and Holidays