In October 2007, citing the Terrorism Suppression Act, police arrested 18 people in nationwide raids linked to alleged training camps in the Urewera mountain ranges, near the township of Ruatoki in eastern Bay of Plenty.

The documentary Operation 8, by independent filmmakers Errol Wright and Abi King-Jones, premiered last month as part of the World Cinema Showcase and is now opening in cinemas around the country throughout May and June. It investigates how and why the raids took place, featuring interviews with academics and professionals versed in the case.

Operation 8 was shot over three and half years and includes first-hand accounts from some of those arrested nearly four years ago. It has received rave reviews, including 5 starts form the New Zealand Herald.

Christchurch screenings will be held at Hollywood 3, Sumner, at the following times:

Thu 19 May, 6:00pm
Fri 20 May, 6:00pm
Sat 21 May, 6:00pm
Sun 22 May, 5:00pm
Mon 23 May, 6:00pm
Tue 24 May, 6:00pm
Wed 25 May, 6:00pm

This is a must-see film!