Hello everyone. The Christchurch members of Beyond Resistance have been pretty busy dealing with life post-earthquake (as has most people in this mini Police State), As well as this, as our main venue was closed for so long that our public discussion nights have had to take a back seat. However the WEA is now back and running, so we hope to have some kind of event on the first Wednesday of July.

We are also in the process of organising a fundraiser screening of Operation 8 with local Tuhoe. It was awesome to see the film being screened in Sumner, but for a lot of people it was either too far away or too expensive to go to. So we hope to have a child-friendly, wallet-friendly viewing very soon.

Also in the works is the launch of a new book on New Zealand anarchists, radical socialists and the IWW during the First World War. Watch this space!

Naturally, we are as concerned as the Council of Trade Unions about their recently released figures on workers effected by the February quake. Such a magnitude event, coupled with the endless squeeze put in place by the National Government’s budget and their employer friends, makes it very hard for us to get by. It is important, now more than ever, that we stand together in solidarity and put and end to this sick game of power-play.

Here in Christchurch it’s also important to not be swayed by the Council’s pretty branding and ‘Have Your Say’ marketing campaign. Because even if the Council and CERA had the actual means to collect, analyse and act on every opinion given in their psuedo-forum events (a near impossibility for a centralised, bureaucratic system such as the CCC), they can still pull the plug at any stage due to the power CERA takes from us and gives to Gerry Brownlee and his cohorts. Don’t think for a second that suggestions for a green, cycle-friendly, community-orientated city would ever outweigh the interests of big business and their quest for profit. They can now tick the ‘Consultation’ box and get stuck in with their private-public partnership to rebuild Christchurch for their own gain.

However it’s not all doom and gloom. Communities on the ground are organising, plus there’s international ice hockey coming to the city….. yay.