25th June 2011

To The Minister of Labour,

We the workers of Aotearoa/ New Zealand have assembled across the country to take a stand against your Parties anti-worker agenda. From Dunedin to the Capital, from Christchurch to your bosses home we bring this message – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

Your policies have allowed workers to die in our mines, you have taken away our rights to a fair go at work. You have attempted to gag the unions while you continue to bail out corporate business and allow state owned enterprises to award themselves millions of our dollars.

The idea that your business mates can pay a huge proportion of our brothers and sisters less because of their age belongs in the dark ages! Much like your Party!

For many workers in Christchurch, our houses may be broken, many of our jobs may have gone, but we choose to stand here today to make it clear that our long fought for rights will not be taken away by the stroke of your corporate pen.

Yours in disgust – The workers of Aotearoa/New Zealand.