called ‘libcomaotearoa’ – short for libertarian communist.
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At the moment, there is no real national communication between anarchists and others sympathetic to libertarian socialism, syndicalism and anti-state communism in New Zealand. This is a real need for a national list so that people can post news and analysis from their area (including relevant material from overseas), post about upcoming events and protest action (including industrial action), and discuss matters. People often are isolated and don’t know what is going on.

There is also a range of invaluable and often innovative material from overseas that is not widely known in New Zealand, such as debates over the capitalist crisis we are in, ‘common-ism’ and precarious labour. This list will hopefully discuss these attempts to update libertarian communist analysis for the society we live in now, and not stick to spouting tired old irrelevant dogmas.

So we are proposing to set up such a national news, events and discussion list. The list is open to all people who are interested in anarchism or socialism who are
– are for grassroots self-organisation (people collectively organising themselves from the bottom up and not top down)
– anti-capitalist (opposed to all forms of capital, whether big or small, and are for the socialisation of all property )
– anti-statist
– anti-sexist
– anti-racist
– opposed to any other form of oppression not listed above
– think that classes exist (including the much maligned working-class) and are actually antagonistic to each other and class is quite important for revolutionary politics
– are pro-revolutionary and are opposed to reformism and all political parties.
A fairly broad spectrum of anarchists, communists and socialists are welcome – but not individualist anarchists, ‘anarcho-capitalists’, Leninists or social democrats.

It will be a no-flaming (no personal abuse or insults) list. Please debate the issue and not the person. If you break this rule, or consistently post material that is not within the guides listed above, you will be warned. If warned three times, you will be removed from the list.

Although the list is being set up by an individual in AWSM (Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement) it is not aligned with that group, or run by it. There is a need for a list which is not aligned with any one group, though members of groups are welcome on the list, as are their groups’ material and opinions.

So if you want to join, please send an email to:
libcomaotearoa-subscribe [ at ]