Many of us have lost our homes, jobs and for some, friends and family. What we haven’t lost is our dignity and collective strength, which is evident with many acts of ongoing co-operation and mutual aid, as we help and support one another.

There are many difficulties we face due to the earthquakes, compounded by Gerry Brownlee and CERA’s dictatorial rule ensuring Fletchers and developers cash in on this disaster. We also have Insurance Company’s trying to weasel out of paying up.

What make this worse are the attacks of this Government on working people all over the country, which are magnified here.

The recent changes to the Employment Relations Act will make it harder for already struggling workers to collectively organize in our interests in the workplace. This has compounded our problems as we lose jobs or desperately try to hold onto them. Those of us who have lost our jobs are forced onto benefits and then to top it off the Government attack beneficiaries.

So what can we do about it?

  • Collectivise our struggles. On our own we have little power but together we have collective strength.
  • Organise so we all participate in the decisions and directions of our struggles. Call neighbourhood assemblies and form networks. Being in control of our struggles empowers us and builds confidence in our own ability. This is an example of direct democracy.
  • Act directly and be in control. Don’t give up our power to others i.e. politicians. This is direct action.
  • Form links between struggles in the community and the workplace and where possible broaden the struggle. Solidarity can come from all over.
  • Target CERA and Insurance Companies. Picket offices locally, call for solidarity pickets nationally and internationally.
  • Record and document our struggles. Critique and do analysis as we go, so we can learn what works and what doesn’t.  Create our own media so we can’t be misrepresented.
  •  Believe in ourselves and what we can achieve if we stand together and remember, “An injury to one is an injury to all”.