‘Past to Present: Lessons of the New Zealand Labour Movement’ was a workshop BR member Jared Davidson gave at Occupy Christchurch.

Due to the massive scope of the topic the focus is on major union struggles, but this should not be taken that the union movement is the working class movement in New Zealand. There are so many struggles outside and against the unions that could also be talked about, but time did not permit this.

0.00 to 31.00 gives an overview of union struggles in New Zealand, and draws out lessons that could inform our future activity. Comments and responses follow, and includes talk about the nature of capital, general strikes, Occupy and the workers movement, co-operatives, and whether one can escape capitalism.

There were about 15-20 in the workshop, with people coming and going on the periphery as well. There was lots of nodding, so we hope this perspective has contributed to the analysis happening down at Christchurch Occupy.