‘Books and Beers’ is happening again next week, so if you’re interested to get stuck into a text over a beer, read on.

Books and Beers is an informal group that gets together at a pub to discuss a chosen paper, zine or book. From topical themes and radical history, to ideas around organising and other random rants, we hope to gain some knowledge, exchange ideas, and have a few beers while doing it.
Our latest reading is ‘The Privilege of Politeness’ (read it or download it here: http://theangryblackwoman.com/2008/02/12/the-privilege-of-politeness/). Have a read, then join us in a conversation, hot chips, and a brew.
WHEN: Wednesday 7th of March, 6.30pm
WHERE: The Pegasus Arms (Oxford Terrace, down from the Christchurch Hospital)
Books & Beers is an informal, open space and anyone interested is welcome to take part.

Please, by forwarding this to a friend you can save paper and the planet ; )