Beyond Resistance has just donated $200 to the AFFCO workers fund, and urge anyone else with some loose change to do the same.See below for how:


If you are a supporter and want to help us with our campaigns or our general work, you can make a donation below.

Ongoing donations

Ongoing donations will keep families fed.

Automatic payment

There are two ways to setup an automatic payment:

  • Through an automatic payment form: WestpacTSBNational BankANZBNZ or Kiwi Bank, or
  • Through online banking with our details: Kiwibank, Wellington (Branch), NZCTU DISPUTES FUND (Account holder), 38 9007 0894028 08 (Account)

Workplace deductions

Many workplaces allow you to make weekly deductions from your wage or salary (before you are paid.) Speak to your manager, human resources manager or finance manager to see if it can be arranged. If you are a member of a union it is a lot easier – call your union if you need help.

One off donations

$5 – 0900 LOCK OUT

You can give a quick $5 by calling: 0900 562 5688.

Direct bank deposit

Donations can be made directly to our Kiwi Bank dispute fund.

The account name is ‘NZCTU Disputes Fund’ and the number is 38 9007 0894028 08 (Kiwi Bank).

Credit and debit cards

Coming soon!

Other important links

  • For drop off points for food donations go here
  • For a list of resources we need go here
  • To fundraise go here.