Hey everyone,

‘Books and Beverages’ invites you back this month for another discussion.

Evey so often we get together at a pub/cafe to discuss a chosen paper, zine or book. From topical themes and radical history, to ideas around organising and other random rants, we hope to gain some knowledge, exchange ideas, and have a few drinks (+chips) while doing it.

The reading this month is:

Wages Against Housework
Silvia Federici

This text was one of many that came out of the Wages For Housework movement, a movement that argued unwaged and domestic labour (primarily by women) was essential to capitalism.

The link is the HTML version, or there is also a PDF download.

Another (totally optional) reading is Counter-Planning From the Kitchen: http://caringlabor.wordpress.com/2010/10/20/nicole-cox-and-silvia-federici-counter-planning-from-the-kitchen/.

Here is a critique of the Wages for Housework campaign by Angela Davis: http://issuu.com/garagecollective/docs/davis_on_housework

Thursday 24th May 6.00pm
The Coffee House, 290 Montreal Street (opposite the old Dux De Lux),  Christchurch Central. (MAP: http://g.co/maps/ddj6s)

Books & Bevs is an informal, open space and anyone interested is welcome to take part.

See everybody there!