Recently a draft on organization by Juan Conatz—a member of the Twin Cities IWW and former member of the Workers Solidarity Alliance and Wild Rose Collective (USA)—appeared on his new wordpress blog dedicated to unfinished drafts and assorted thought fragments.

The piece is called “Liquidationism” and is some what of a sister piece to his earlier released “Fragmented thoughts on political organization”. The prolific Scott Nappalos has already written a reply here, as has Klas Batalo here.

These are certainly interesting discussions, and are worth reading. Although the context is strongly centred around US organisations, much of what it said can be generalised to Aotearoa. Indeed, Juan’s first post and ensuring discussion on libcom spurned my own initial thoughts of organisation. These expanded into two further posts on the content of my own activity, as opposed to its form (here and here).

I am unsure how I feel about these thoughts now, but with the emergence of POA in Wellington, and with Beyond Resistance exploring new content and form as on organisation, Juan’s new post and the detailed reply by Klas and Scott are very timely.

I hope that comrades here can glean what they can from the discourse.