Beyond Resistance is an affinity group of anarchists from across Aotearoa New Zealand. Formed in 2009, the aim of the collective was move beyond an activist or reactive approach; to base our struggles around the material conditions of our members. Two major earthquakes, community assemblies, and many neighbourhood and workplace struggles later, Beyond Resistance continues to explore the relationships between the multiple sites of struggle in our own lives. When time permits we update this blog with related news, articles and publications, but most of our activity is currently grounded ‘offline’.

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2012 Brainstorm of Intent

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The above brainstorm has come out of a discussion about what Beyond Resistance is currently, and where the collective might be going. More specifically, it arose because we felt our previous Aims & Principles didn’t seem to represent the group as it stands now. We’re still developing what we mean by some of the terms used in the brainstorm, and see it as a living document that is open to change.

Last updated March 2014