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Just a wee work-in-progress update.

Last weekend saw BR get together for our fourth national AGM. Among the things talked about was the blog. One thing we want to change on this here blog is to enable each member of BR to comment under their own user account. Hopefully this approach will allow for more diversity of opinions, articles and news, and make for interesting reading/discussion.

We’ve also taken down the old Aims & Principles, and How We Work paper as these are undergoing revision, but we did not want to dismiss or forget the hard work that had gone into those documents by past and current members. So you can still access them as individual posts below.

Coming soon will be a ‘brainstorm of intent’, a working draft on what BR is and how it operates.

More soon!

The Beyond Resistance website will be going through some changes over the next month, as we revamp and update the site to reflect changes in the collective. Please bear with us!

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