acc_cover_going_goneMarch to voice our dissent to proposed cuts to ACC funding of Sexual abuse counselling

12:30pm – Monday 19th October – National Day of Action

Meet at Speakers Corner, Catherdral Square (beside Chess board) march to ACC offices in Oxford Terrace.

Speakers: Ken Clearwater, from Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust and Marie Meyer from the New Zealand Association of Counsellors, Canterbury and West Coast.

Wear red, bring red balloons or ribbons, paint some red placards and banners – Red for our outrage!

Sexual abuse survivors are not mentally ill. By increasing requirements to get funding for counselling, ACC are restricting who can access that counselling. It is an unneccessary barrier for survivors who are seeking help.

ACC funding for sexual abuse counselling saves money and heals families. The decision to cut funds was made without proper consultation – bad process has resulted in a bad decision. The cuts will damage our communities if they go ahead.

Join the March on Monday to show your support for safeguarding current levels of funding for sexual abuse counselling.

Stop the abuse of (governmental) power over those most vulnerable! We will not be silent in the face of injustice.